Support the non-formal education of a child


tax benefit: 50%

9 out of 10 students who study in government schools drop out before the 10th grade. U&I Teach is an after-school program that aims to educate the less privileged youth and help them stay in school. We provide individual attention to students with a 1:3 teacher to student ratio. We provide tuition classes to our students which helps them to excel at difficult subjects like math and science. Most of our students are first generation learners whose first language is a local language. We aim to teach these children English in order to make them eligible to study in a college of their choice and increase their employability. We also aim to reach out to the students who have already dropped out of school and have no basic education. We want to make sure that these kids have the opportunity to learn as well. At U&I we believe in a holistic education model that can help a child to develop as a well-rounded individual. Our Teach programme provides 360-degree care which includes career days, life skills training, access to a library of books, field trips, medical camps and even counselling.

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